Midwest Pathogend Services

Company Description

Midwest Pathogend Services offers mobilized bio-decontamination and disinfection services utilizing several methods. Midwest Pathogend Services uses a combination of techniques to disinfect spaces, including manually wiping surfaces with a high-grade Sporicidal Disinfectant and then fogging rooms or spaces with our CURIS Systems. Our Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™) pulsed system is odorless, leaves NO residue, and can safely provide whole-space decontaminations. Additionally, we provide mobile services for office spaces, athletic facilities, federal state and local governments, healthcare systems, hospitality, and other areas . Our bio-decontamination system provides coverage other methods can’t – reaching cracks, crevices, shadows, and corners. To increase efficacy, our innovative Patented Pulse Technology maintains a pathogen kill-zone that will adjust fog time to maintain a volume to achieve a 6 log kill on all targeted pathogens. Many traditional manual cleaning processes often fail to reach all contact surfaces. Cross contamination in hard to reach spaces can put your environment at risk.

Our system provides bio-decontamination of equipment and spaces. Our product is a broad spectrum solution that is fast-acting, residue-free, and EPA registered. Our product is safe on sensitive equipment and electronics and breaks down into oxygen. For decontamination and disinfection needs, this means less down-time and NO residue


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